Web Design

Our website designers and coders spend a lot of time in getting it right. Communication is king with any project and we have dedicated managers to make sure everything fits and nothing is forgotten. We design using cognitive elements and tested website flow. We build and project manage websites that perform highly complex, critical tasks, providing outstanding user experiences, and enabling businesses and organisation to achieve higher returns on their investment.


web design

Web design is the extension of your brand’s story. A well designed, fully functioning website will set the tone for your online presence. We believe great web design pushes the limit from a static layout, to an immersive brand experience. We will design a website that looks great and works hard for your business; a website that will attract, engage, and take visitors on a journey that culminates in the outcome you want. From research and discovery to strategy and launch, our collaborative process involves you and your team every step of the way. That’s why each project is assigned a dedicated design project manager who acts as your personal subject matter expert: advising you along the way, pointing out web design best practices and ensuring that the ultimate web design is simultaneously on trend and able to grow with your business.

responsive web design

It is likely that the next person to access your website will be viewing  it on a mobile device. To succeed with Google mobile indexing and SEO today, your site needs to at least work on mobile devices now that Google only uses mobile indexing for websites. All of our standard websites are designed with this in mind. We can also design purely for mobile including mobile eCommerce and stand alone.


content management systems (CMS)

It is a requirement these days that a website must be dynamic to be effective. A website that is kept up to date with well written content will encourage returning visitors. Content management systems (CMS) are ideal for providing editors with the tools to upload their copy and images without the need of a website developer.

Contact Management System

ecommerce websites & payments

The eCommerce platforms flexible template allows us to reduce project time associated with eCommerce website design and development. We create eCommerce website design that looks amazing and is designed to your requirements. The adaptability within the structure allows for easy adaptation, reducing long-term costs. We deliver commerce website design that are what you need to have a successful online business. The more a website can attract attention and to convert visitors into customers, the more your customers will ultimately spend.



We gain a detailed understanding of your business and requirements and through documentation create a blue print of your requirements creating a solid structure for use to design from.


Bringing all of the elements together from Research and Documentation we set the structure and code to build the design using all the aspects from research and documentation.


Only when all of the pieces are put together using the internet standard procedures and testing and evaluation has been completed and the customer is happy the website is launched.

Sebabatso Manoeli Oxford University African Society