Support Services

BlackIce Media is experienced in supporting a range of different websites and software systems, from large mission critical systems down to small databases. We support websites written in a variety of languages and support code written by other designers. We fully support your business website from the very beginning and with the ever changing internet you can count on use to always be there to support your business.


Continuous support

Technology is continuously evolving and it is important to review and adjust your websites and software applications. Most in-house support may lack the continued support your business needs, we at BlackIce Media can provide the support your systems for you. We manage all your systems to make sure everything is kept up to date. We always design the right package that best meets your requirements. We also maintaining and review regularly, taking a professional approach to keeping your systems optimised and up to date.


project management

What ever the scale of a project or its complexity it will always be delivered on time, on spec, and on budget. We feel that good project management is important. We provide excellent project management and will manage your own resources to ensure this is a seamless process through out.



We provide professional training so you can get the best from your investment. From training programmes supporting our own developed systems or systems we maintain.


software and coding development consultancy

We are highly flexible when it comes to delivering your coding and software solutions. We deliver the best for your project in a form you need it. We can also support your businesses in-house team or provide what you need if you do not have the right internal technical resource. BlackIce Media can help provide all your development, strategy, planning and specification requirements.


support and development for legacy software system

BlackIce Media are experienced in supporting software systems and coding written by others. You may have a need for support where your software or coded application is no longer services or supported and you need a professional team to move things forward?



We gain a detailed understanding of your business and requirements and through documentation create a blue print of your requirements creating a solid structure for use to design from.


Bringing all of the elements together from Research and Documentation we set the structure and code to build the design using all the aspects from research and documentation.


Only when all of the pieces are put together using the internet standard procedures and testing and evaluation has been completed and the customer is happy the website is launched.

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