Your website is the first thing that a prospective customer will see and your needs to make sure the first impression is a good one. We have designed for all manner of business projects, from small start-up company pages to full corporate and advanced eCommerce Websites. We always provide free advice and a free detailed quotation without obligation.

In this ever changing technological world, we will always be there to support you when you need us. At BlackIce we’re experienced in supporting a range of websites and software systems – from small websites through to large “mission critical” database eCommerce systems.

Many of the websites we design and work on are WordPress based and our experienced WordPress Website Developers are always looking for new ways of doing things to make things better for our customers and their users. In the fast changing world of the internet and of WordPress, we always keep up with what is new.

We have put together all you need for security and speed, all geared up to give your WordPress website all it needs to run seamlessly. Google has insisted on every website having SSL certification, wants designers to increase websites speed. So, we decided to offer a fully managed hosting package that is fast and secure.

Who We Are:

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Recent Work:

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Nick BelshawBritish Aikido Federation